Detective Inspector James Hathaway, whom I love. #mondayblogs #writing

Here’s a fictional detective I didn’t find in a book, but on public television. Inspector Lewis used to be the sidekick sergeant to Inspector Morse. Morse retired, and a new show was born: Inspector Lewis. His sidekick sergeant is James Hathaway, and complex and complicated character if ever there was one. Now Inspector Lewis is […]

5 Reasons I love to write detective stories #mondayblogs #detectives

I write about female sleuths. How great is that? I’ve read detective novels since I was eight years old, starting with The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I read that one so many times the pages started falling out. Is it any wonder when I thought to write a mystery novel I came up with a female […]

The reasons I love bookclubs #mondayblogs #writing

Yesterday I was invited to come to the bookclub at First Presbyterian Church in El Cajon, California. This club has been going for several years, and they have a penchant for strong women characters. I was warmly welcomed, and spent an hour with these charming women, who are strong characters themselves. Bookclubs who invite me […]


All my books are now available everywhere books are sold (or can be ordered). Here’s a link to my amazon page so you can see the paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobook available, but remember, you can get them through your own bookstore if you prefer: It’s been a learning experience and a true process starting […]


Special thanks to Cindy Carroll for causing the most views in a single day! And super duper appreciation to all of you who commented throughout the year. Michelle Shy, Andrea Carlisle, Cindy McGean, and Joan Allison you’re tops! I had a good writing year. I wrote three new plays, finished the second mystery novel in […]