THE HOUNDING by Sandra de Helen, available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. CHAPTER ONE: The Hounding CILLA CAN’T SEEM to shake the nightmare. She almost gives up her daily run rather than face the possibility of meeting those dogs in real life. Dogs are reality for every marathon runner, and each runner finds a […]


ACX or Audible.com, made an announcement last week that caused me to speed up my schedule. They are cutting the authors’ profits on audiobooks, starting next week on March 12, 2014. Currently, the profits are from 50 to 90% on an escalating scale. The more audiobooks sold, the higher percentage of profit goes to the […]


I’m getting excited about this weekend because two things are happening. First, my book’s teaser trailer will be released tomorrow afternoon. Second, I’m going to give away The Hounding on Kindle totally free for 3 days beginning at 12:01am Friday! I haven’t done this before, so am not sure how often to tweet and FB this information. […]

THE HOUNDING Paperback is released


Yesterday the final final proof was completed and approved. The paperback is now released and available at Create Space  for $11.99. The Kindle edition is still available on amazon.com  for $2.99. The Look Inside will be available on Amazon in a few days. The paperback will also be available on Amazon in a few days.

I felt happy to finally push the Approve button at Create Space. This book was first published by Fiction Works as an eBook before ebooks were “the thing.” An eReader cost about $300. My book was a best seller the year it came out (a best-selling ebook, that is). That didn’t mean much back then in terms of money. We were all just WAY ahead of our time.

So, this year I revised The Hounding brought it up to date, made a few revisions that tightened the story, and I cleaned up every error that I and two assistants could find. If you read the book in either format, and find ANY error, please please tell me so I can fix it. 

I think my protagonist and her sidekick, i.e. Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson, are the Nancy Drew and friend for grown-ups. Dr. Watson is kind of a combination of Bess and George (she has George’s slim body, but she’s kind of Bess-like emotionally). Shirley, of course, is an homage to Sherlock Holmes and isn’t Nancy-like at all except that she is a woman and a detective. But Nancy Drew was our Sherlock, right? Nancy Drew gave me permission to act like Sherlock Holmes even though I was blonde and blue-eyed and lived in middle America when I was growing up. I had my “glass” (magnifying glass), and collected clues. I solved mysteries around the house and around the neighborhood. My mom collected pipes, so I often chewed on a stem thoughtfully as I paced the floor solving crimes while she was at work. 

How did you “Nancy Drew?”