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I have completed two full months of writing ekphrastic poetry: a poem a day in reaction/response to one by Emily Dickinson. You can see them here. I have also completed two essays this week, one of which is available on my personal FaceBook page as a note: THEFT AND DESTRUCTION OF ART. Meanwhile, I’m doing research […]


The worldwide activism has allowed Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to accept the offer of help from the US and UN in recovering the kidnapped girls. We have to maintain our support for their return, and if you are a person who believes in prayer or good thoughts making a difference, please visit this blog: I […]


Special thanks to Cindy Carroll for causing the most views in a single day! And super duper appreciation to all of you who commented throughout the year. Michelle Shy, Andrea Carlisle, Cindy McGean, and Joan Allison you’re tops! I had a good writing year. I wrote three new plays, finished the second mystery novel in […]