Great news! Till Darkness Comes available as an audiobook, narrated by Daniela Acitelli #amwriting #audiobook

When I wrote the thriller Till Darkness Comes, I knew I wanted a certain voice to narrate the audiobook. I did some research and found Daniela Acitelli has narrated many books for LGBTQ authors. I then auditioned about 60 voice actors on, and when I heard Daniela, I made an immediate offer. She’s super […]

6 Things to remember about the Women’s March 2017 #mondayblogs #amwriting #solidarity

The marches, which happened all over the globe, were peaceful. People of all ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, religions, and sexual preferences marched together. Peacefully. Yes, we were anti-Trump, but we were pro-love, pro-activism, pro-peace. We held signs that proclaimed Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights = Human Rights; Love is Love; and so much more. The […]

How are we doing on our goals? #mondayblogs #amwriting #52essays2017

Seriously, how are you doing on your 2017 goals? Leave comments to share. Here’s where I am on mine: I’ve written the first two essays of the #52essays2017. Special shout out to Vanessa Matir for creating this challenge after successfully challenging herself last year. Watch her video to learn more. I’ve completed two assignments for […]