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I am sure this will open up a great battle but I need to post this.  I wanted to share all my research on the differences between American Staffordshire Terriers (AST) and American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT).   As you all know I joined the Austin “Pit Bull”…


Today was a good day too, but yesterday was exceptional! Yesterday I learned that I have readers in France, Germany, the UK, Canada and the US. Yesterday I completed Chapter 5 of the new WIP. Yesterday I wrote a poem. Yesterday I had a table read of my new play, and so many people came […]



The Hounding is free from now until Sunday night, July 22, 2012 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time. Please, do download it for yourself. If you don’t have a Kindle, download the Kindle app first. It’s free as well, and available for your PC, MAC, iPhone, or iPad, and probably your Android. Then download my book and a bunch of other free books as well. 

I promised you the link for the book teaser/trailer! I hope you like it as much as I do. It runs about a minute and 21 seconds. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe4VxCeFt3U&feature=g-upl


I just got off Skype after an hour, twenty-three minutes and twenty-three seconds with the Laredo Mystery Book Club. The Club is facilitated by the Laredo Public Library, and we had several people in attendance: Sylvia, Linda, Anita, Jim, Pam and a few others whose names I’ve momentarily forgotten. Librarian Pam created some great questions […]

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I’m coming up on two weeks into my body/mind transformation with trainer Greg Plitt. This morning, as I was pushing my body through moves that, to be truthful, it wholly resists, I thought about how to apply this work to my career. I think it all boils down…


I haven’t shared a scene from one of my plays lately, so I’m going to do that today. This one is raw, meaning I just wrote it about an hour ago. It’s from the play I’m working on right now, called JUST LIKE TENNESSEE. Lisa is Bo’s older sister. She is visiting him from St. Louis […]



ImageI’ve been selected for The Beautiful Blogger Award by Sabrina Garie who writes fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and romance fiction. Here are the rules for the award, which I will try to follow:

Rule One. Share seven things about me.

1) I live and write in Portland, Oregon. The fact that I live here greatly influences my writing.

2) I love my family.

3) I support other artists’ work. Always have. I buy art, I buy books. I #AmazonLike work that comes up on Twitter, even if I haven’t read it, haven’t bought it. I write reviews for books that I read, if I like them. I contribute to crowdsourcing campaigns of my friends. 

4) I belong to two playwrights groups that read and comment on members’ work.

5) I garden.

6) I’m currently writing another mystery in the Shirley Combs/Dr. Watson series, revising a play, and starting a new, much darker, mystery/suspense novel.

7) I identify as lesbian, and today I learned of another lesbian friend’s death. This makes me sad, she was a pillar of the lesbian feminist community.

The next rule is to pass the award to seven bloggers.  The award is passed to:

http://andreacarlisle.com/2012/06/11/strange-aches/#more-5766 Andrea Carlisle, who writes the fabulous Go Ask Alice Blog

http://lookingthroughwater.wordpress.com/ Judy Allen, who is publishing her memoir, one chapter at a time, and whose wonderful book Looking Through Water is also available.

http://sapphirephelanspassioncorner.blogspot.com/ Sapphire Phelan author of erotic, sweet paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and romance.

http://lisamondello.blogspot.com/ Lisa Mondello, Author of Material Witness (and many other books, check it out)

http://chickswagger.com/ Misty Dietz, who writes the Chick Swagger Blog. Love it.

http://www.simplyali.com/  Simply Ali, reader extraordinaire!

http://savannahchase.com/  Savannah Chase, Best Selling Erotic Romance author

http://keirakohl.com/blog/  Keira Kohl another Beautiful Erotic Romance author

Thank you, Sabrina Garie http://sabrinagarie.com/ for choosing me for this award! I love reading other writers and readers blogs and choosing which ones to pass this award on to.