About Sandra de Helen, the Red Crested Writer

de Helen was born a redhead in a blonde headed body. She suffered the pangs and arrows of being blonde all her life until she went gray, and noticed that all her old friends who had been blonde, and brunette — especially brunette! — were now also blonde. She asked her redheaded daughter (on whom she had fervently wished red hair so hard the child had been born with it in spite of neither parent having red hair) whether she minded if de Helen finally went red. Daughter said sure why not, and thus was de Helen born again.


7 thoughts on “About Sandra de Helen, the Red Crested Writer

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  3. HI Sandra,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, which led me to yours. I have always had a secret (now not so secret) desire to publish. Reading about your experiences and insight has really been a treat!


    • I hope you will publish, Elise. And I hope you’ll write about your travels. I have traveled a lot myself, though have never been a travel writer. I love travel. I appreciate what you had to say about flying. The world has changed, but flying is still our quickest way to get places, so we need tips on how best to do it.

  4. Pretty easy. I get my color from esalon.com. I found it difficult to find the right color, and to get consistency from dyes I did find at Walgreen’s, Target, etc. Then I discovered esalon and I get exactly the color I want, and they send me everything I need, every time. Go red if you want to, it’s way more fun that being blond.

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