Motivation #mondayblogs #amwriting

What motivates you when life gets in the way of your best-laid plans? Starting last Wednesday morning, all my plans have been blown away as if a tornado came through and did its job.

I’m fine. Nothing really happened, but I feel like I’ve been knocked sideways and don’t know how to right myself. Today was no exception. It has been a series of this and that, minor upsets, but piled on top of each other until I feel defeated.

Will I get up tomorrow and start once again to tackle the judging I have to do? Will I casually open the file of poems I need to revise and quietly work away? Or does some other obstacle lie in wait?

What do YOU do when you feel this way? Because I know this happens to all of us. Words of encouragement are welcome and appreciated. Life lessons for me and my readers, please.


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