May the Fourth be with us all. #amwriting #mondayblogs #playwriting #theatre

Last Friday night was the 70th Anniversary Showcase of The Scripteasers organization, of which I am a member. My play was one of the seven short plays to be showcased at this event. I was honored to be a part of what turned out to be an exciting evening.

The plays were varied in content, and included a touching mother/father drama, a speed-dating comedy, my own family moment, a couple’s last fight, a method for eliminating worries, and a play about Alzheimer’s. But the happiest and most rousing play finished the evening, and that was Dea Hurston’s “I Want to Marry Stevie Wonder.” This short play was jam-packed with comedy, music, dancing, and had the audience laughing and finally on its feet clapping and swaying to the music. One of the most genius moments of the play was when the narrator donned sunglasses and impersonated Stevie Wonder. In fact, there were three Stevies before all was said and done. The young woman protagonist and her mother were excellent (all the actors were), and the direction made this staged reading feel like a full performance.

We had a fairly full house, and one of the attendees was a famous Tony-winning director. I hope the audience included someone who will produce Dea Hurston’s work. This is the second of her plays I’ve seen, and she has a gift that should be shared with the wider world.



2 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with us all. #amwriting #mondayblogs #playwriting #theatre

  1. Let me know when it’s coming to the Berkeley Rep, please. And what a wonderful writing about another playwright’s work.

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