First Quarter Check-in #mondayblogs #amwriting #amreading

Are you one of the people who “hope” for 100 rejections this year and are therefore submitting work to the places you sincerely hope to be published in?

Are you a person who has a deadline to finish your novel or memoir, or poetry collection, or play?

Are you a reader waiting [im]patiently for your favorite author to produce another book in the series, or just another book?

Where are you on meeting your annual goals? 1/4 of the way there?

I am eagerly awaiting the ARC of my first full-length poetry collection from Launch Point Press. I have finished a first draft of a sixty-minute play and expect to hear by this weekend whether I move on to the next phase together a theatre company. I have many submissions of plays, poems, and essays awaiting acceptance or rejection. I look forward to a poem in print in Artemis Journal in May as well as an essay in print in The Dramatist.

I’ve read seventeen books and am nearly finished with both the eighteenth and nineteenth. I’ve met eight of the twenty-four challenges in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge 2018.

I seem to be about where I would expect to be by the end of March. Now all I have to do is keep up the pace. How about you?