Wildly popular poets – guest blog post by Sandra de Helen

I am proud to have been a guest host on Trish Hopkinson’s blog this week. If you missed it there, please enjoy it here… sdh

Trish Hopkinson

Every once in a great while a poet comes along who captures a huge following and the rest of us feel all the feels. (Jealously, envy, rage at the injustice, happiness that at least people are reading poetry.) The last time this happened in the United States was in the late sixties and early seventies when Rod McKuen was a phenomenon. Right now, the phenom is Rupi Kaur. She has stirred the hearts and minds and wallets of millennials, especially the young women. She tweets poems of 140 characters, publishes short poems along with pictures of herself on Instagram, reads her work to millions on YouTube.

Rupi Kaur’s poetry (like McKuen’s back in the day) is not critically acclaimed. But her words speak to and for young women of her own generation. She writes of her own experiences with love, heartbreak, sexual assault, and millions of women hear #MeToo. While…

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