Keep on. #mondayblogs #amwriting

Turned in the rough draft of the play on time. I also met a deadline for a grant that I learned about only two days before. What will the results be? One result is that I now know I can do more than I think I can in two days. Another is I now have a new play in rough draft form, and whether or not this particular theater produces it, I can work on it and submit it to other theaters for possible production.

This week I’m finishing an essay for a well-known blog. I’m interviewing a playwright about herself and her play, which just had its world premiere, for an article/essay I’m writing about them from a playwright’s point of view. And I’m lining up actors for my play which will have a concert reading on May 4th as part of Scripteasers’ big 70th anniversary event.

How is your own work going? What are you working on? I’m sincerely interested.