Deadlines #mondayblogs #amwriting #plays

I’m two days from deadline. I have to finish a rough draft of a new sixty-minute play and send it off in two days. I’ve been working on it since I got the assignment, but it is not finished. It’s close to being finished. I wanted to finish it today and two days to tweak and polish.

But. I had to see the eye doctor this morning (an urgent appointment that I had to wait two weeks for) and she dilated my eyes so much I still can’t see well enough to read this blog I’m writing. However, my eyes are fine. So even though the appointment was urgent, the situation is completely fine.

I will finish the play tomorrow. I will then have to tweak and polish the last possible day. And it will still be a rough draft, meaning there will still be a ton of work to do to make the play ready for production, but that’s where I’m supposed to be, so it’s okay. Right?

There is also another project I’d like to do by end of day the 28th (deadline), but I’ve only just learned of it today. And (see above) I can’t see well enough to work on it. That one will probably slide into oblivion.

After the 28th, I have several projects lined up waiting their turns. I don’t have time for “urgent” matters. Right now, I’m going to go outdoors and cut back the rose bushes. I think the sun has gone down enough for me to be able to go outdoors without shrieking from the harsh light like a vampire.

What are you up to?