Time to Write #mondayblogs #amwriting

I’ve resigned from my column writing on ROAR (I wrote for a year, having committed to six months), which has now gone on hiatus for a few months anyway.

I’m writing daily on my new play. I have a deadline of Feb 28 for a sixty-minute play to be developed with Scripps Ranch Theatre here in San Diego. I have much to do on that play yet, so I spend time on it every day.

I have a reading coming up on Feb 18th, so I am also spending time reading and reading what I will present there.

If I have time to spare I work on an essay or a poem. I’d like to create new essays and poems every month, but deadlines always come first.

What are you working on? And have you seen new work by anyone recently? I’m going out tonight to see a new play at Diversionary Theatre in San Diego. It is Cardboard Piano by Hansol Jung.