First rejection of 2018. #mondayblogs #amwriting

Last week I wrote about my first acceptance of the year. So happy! Today I will share with you my first rejection of the year. As soon as I look up to see what it was, because I’ve already forgotten it. Well, actually, I can’t find it. If I remember what it was, I’ll get back to you. I’ll keep looking for clues. 1/18/18 EDITED TO ADD: The rejection was of my proposal to teach a Master Class on dialogue at the Golden Crown Literary Society.

Does this mean I’m blasé about rejection? Not exactly. But I don’t get excited about them like I do the acceptances, obviously.

I’m becoming more forgetful, but if what I forget are the bad news items, then yay.

Want to share what rejections you’ve received in 2018 so far? And your own coping mechanisms?


What do you think?

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