First acceptance of 2018. #mondayblogs #amwriting #playwriting #theatre

I’m still in shock this morning over the email I received yesterday afternoon. I’ve been selected by Scripps Ranch Theatre to participate in development of new play! I submitted an idea to them in response to their annual call, and now I have to deliver. A first draft of a new 60-minute one-act play is due to them by February 28.

The play idea is for a new type of theatre, one I dreamed up many years ago, but didn’t develop because I didn’t know how. When I saw their call, I realized I do now know how I might do it, so I fleshed out the idea enough for a proposal. And now I have to follow through! I’m so excited at the idea of not only writing something new and different, but being able to develop it with all the resources of a theatre company—right here in San Diego. Wow. Thank you, Scirpps Ranch Theatre!

Did you see Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech on the Golden Globes last night? So inspiring! We are truly living in a moment of change.

What is inspiring you this week? What are you writing?