Empowering Women #mondayblogs #amwriting

I not only belong to the group Women Who Submit, I lead a chapter of WWS in El Cajon, California, where I live. Women Who Submit is a group that was created to empower women writers to submit their work for publication.

My group began in January of this year, and meets monthly. Like all the other chapters, we begin each three-hour meeting with an hour of socializing. We share snacks and drinks and our lives with each other. The next two hours are spent working on our writing, researching outlets for our work, editing our work, and submitting our work. When we complete a submission, we cheer each other on.

There are no dues or fees in this organization. We share literary journals and other resources with each other. We track our submissions and celebrate our successes.

If you are a woman or non-binary writer looking for empowerment, check to see if there is a chapter near you. If there isn’t one, consider signing up for orientation and starting your own chapter. There is power in numbers.

Here is the link for information about WWS.

Do you belong to an empowering organization we should know about? Do you have stories you’d like to share here? Please comment.