I reject #Rejection #amwriting

As I’ve reported here, I get fewer acceptances and publications than I do rejections. That’s fine. It happens to be true for virtually every writer. You write, you submit your work, and once in a while it gets published. Otherwise, you get no response or a rejection.

This morning I (along with nearly 1500 others) received notice that my application for residency at Hedgebrook had not been accepted. Rejected. Again. This was my third try. I had given up years ago after two rejections, but someone encouraged me to apply again. I don’t know why I felt so disappointed, after all, look at the odds! But I did. I do.

However, my day took a turn for the better (way better) this afternoon. I learned that an essay I wrote for ROAR in January has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

I’m taking this nomination as encouragement to continue writing essays, to continue submitting my work, and to heck with rejection.