Rejection vs Acceptance #mondayblogs #amwriting

Submissions to journals this year:  47

Withdrawals (due to acceptance elsewhere):  1

Actual rejections (vs no response):  22

Acceptances: 7′

Those numbers mean I’ve had a 15% acceptance rate so far this year, and as you can see, there are still 25 places I haven’t heard back from. One of the rejections I received this week was something I submitted six months ago.

Acceptances are terrific. I walk around on air for at least a day or two after I get notice that something of mine will be published. Rejections do not have the same effect. I am disappointed, of course, but I often have another venue in mind, so I simply send the piece back out. Whether I do or not, I don’t stay disappointed long, maybe an hour or two.

When I first started writing, I took rejection hard. Often I would not be able to write again for months. I didn’t have the confidence in my work that I have now. I didn’t have the experience. Eventually, I persisted.

It is my daily writing practice that gives me confidence. I know I can write. I know that not everything I write will be published. Not everything will find its right home. I do the best I can to send my work where I think it best fits, but the editors don’t always agree with me, and frankly, they should know. I haven’t read every issue of every journal I submit to, though I always read several pieces in the journals I want to send my work.

Some journals I read regularly because I know one day I want my work to appear there. One such journal is Artemis Journal. It’s a beautiful print journal that is issued only once each year. Last week I learned that an essay I sent them will appear in the 2018 edition. I’m still floating over that news.

Here are some other journals I hope to appear in one day: Creative Non Fiction; Salon; Tinhouse; Plentitude; Electric Literature; Vice; Calyx; Sinister Wisdom.

Meanwhile, I’m proud to have a weekly column in ROAR. I hope you read it on the regular.

What about you? What do you read? And what are some of your favorite blogs? I read several every day. What draws you to a specific blog? A specific journal?