The End is Near #mondayblogs #amwriting

The end of the year, that is. Tomorrow is voting day in the US in many places. Remember to vote if that’ s happening where you live.

I have one more writing residency before year-end, and seven more essays to write to achieve my 52 essays for the year. One a week, that was the commitment. I’m right on target at the moment. I finished essay #44, polished it, and submitted it to a literary journal. Fingers crossed. So far this year, I’ve had six essays published in journals. I don’t submit every one I write, of course. When I have one I think is publication-worthy, I rewrite and polish it before submitting it. I have submitted 43 times this year. Many are pending, the rest were not accepted.

I haven’t been great and continuing to send out my work after it wasn’t accepted. Next year I will focus more on getting published. This year has been about learning and practicing the craft of writing personal essays.

My plan for the remaining seven weeks of 2017 is to continue to write an essay a week; continue to write my weekly column for ROAR; write at least one new poem every month (so one more); to write a ten minute play before December 31st; and to make the most of my week at Firefly Farm in Knoxville at the end of this month. I will use my time there to focus on the full-length play I wrote this year.

How about you? What are your plans for the rest of the year? Or, are you already thinking ahead to next year?



2 thoughts on “The End is Near #mondayblogs #amwriting

  1. Dear Sandra,

    You set a high bar for anyone trying to keep up with you. Great goals and wonderful dedication. Your self discipline is exemplary.

    I am polishing a young adult novel written some time ago, have fingers crossed on a submitted manuscript I consider the best I’ve ever written, am incubating/composing a brand new one, and putter with one about the death of our younger son (colorectal cancer) that I call JIMMY’S SMILES. As I often tell audiences, writing can be therapeutic. Meanwhile, I work part-time in my husband and older son’s law office as probate clerk and gofer, and try to keep ahead of laundry and meals. I’m not cooking like I did when our children (two girls and two boys) were growing up, but I’m still putting on pounds. You don’t know of an easy way to stop that, do you? I’d like something magical. Cutting back on food is radical, don’t you think?

    Thank you for sharing your ambitious goals. You do inspire me.

    Sharon Ervin

  2. Sharon, thank you for writing! I appreciate your sharing all this information with us. I too find writing therapeutic. I’m sorry about the death of your son. I wish you all the best success on your projects! And here’s my secret re food and pounds: I don’t worry about it. Bodies are different, we’re all lucky to be in one, and I work every day at body-positivity. Given our culture, it’s the hardest work I do. But I think of elephants. Do you suppose for one minute they wish they were thinner? Weighed less? Were a brighter color of gray? Or had smooth skin? I try to be like an elephant.

    I don’t expect other people to meet my goals. I just hope to inspire others to meet their own goals.

    I no longer have to work outside the home. I spent my working life anticipating the day I would retire and have an income and could simply write. I’m here now, and it would be a shame to not fully take advantage of the time. 🙂

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