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If you’ve done The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron (I did the three books in a row, doing the exercises daily for twelve weeks, several years ago), you know the importance of taking yourself on an Artist Date once a week. I’ve been writing daily for years, but I’m not diligent about that important date. I should be. I need to be. Going out and looking at art is critical to every artist’s thinking, including those whose art supplies are pen and paper.

Tomorrow I am going on such a date. My granddaughter is meeting me in San Francisco, and we are going to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, specifically to see the new painting by Julie Mehretu, and then to see as much of the museum as we can in one day.

A person doesn’t have to fly to another city or go to a museum, this is a special date for us. But we do need to renew our senses, spark our imaginations by seeing what other artists are making.

What do you do to renew your own creativity? What are some of the favorite artists’ dates you’ve gone on? What is your favorite type of visual art?



2 thoughts on “Artist Date #mondayblogs #amwriting

  1. Have a wonderful Artist Date. The air has cleared of smoke for the most part. We’re setting BayArea heat records but they should be nothing compared to your area. Will you send us a review?

    • Alberta, lovely to hear from you here! I will definitely send a review. So far, the air has been good and the weather beautiful. I’ll be out all day today enjoying SF.

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