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I have signed with Launch Point Press to publish several volumes of my poetry. The first collection will be out in a few months, and will feature lesbian love poems.

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Meanwhile, my writing group back in Portland is having another fabulous reading event, with authors, books, signings, raffles, prizes, even a costume contest. All FREE! I can’t be there this time as I’ll be at a writing workshop with Anna March in Ireland. But if you are in the Portland area, please go! Eat some [free] candy for me! Here are the deets:



2 thoughts on “Publication forthcoming. #mondayblogs #amwriting #poetry

  1. you are much busier and full of energy than I thought from your PAD presence. which appears rather laid back. Either way: Love your energy and will follow your book with pleasure.

    Is Stanton a Maine Coon> He looks like one my Mom loved, she
    named him Tarzan. In fact he is in a poem in my book Dangerous to Know. The poem’s called Archaeology.


    • PAD? I don’t remember what that stands for. I do try to be laid back even while being productive. ha. Thank you so much for your support! Yes, Stanton was a Maine Coon (mixed with Manx). His mother, Asia, is half Manx and half Maine Coon, and has only a “stumpy” of a tail. Her daughter, Potato (Stanton’s sister) is a “rumpy” or “riser” with only a nub of a tail. The females both had the longer back legs of a Manx and are very small. Stanton grew to sixteen pounds, and had a long tail (just a bit shorter than normal Maine Coon). I have written poems about Stanton as well. I’ll look for your poem about Tarzan! Thanks for commenting!

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