Let’s call it summer vacation. #mondayblogs

I broke my dominant right wrist eleven days ago. I’m in a splint for four weeks. Dictation is not worth the considerable effort to correct all the errors. So: summer vacation it is.

Keep writing — if you can!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s call it summer vacation. #mondayblogs

  1. Haven’t Been on FB for a month. Can you bake? Is cast swimmable? Yoga stretchable, I am sore Asia and Stanton (did I get names right?) will enjoy extra petting time. And more ideas will roll thru your mind. Have a great
    Enforced Vacation .

    • Alberta, I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering where you’d been. I can’t bake. I can take the splint off to bathe, shower, or swim. I went to yoga on Thursday. I have to be careful with the arm, but otherwise, yoga is great. Asia and Stanton say thanks for remembering them! Yes, they are always happy to have me at their beck and call. I’ve been reading more and watching Netflix more. I’m thinking about the Shirley Combs books that is in progress. So you are right on all counts!

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