Baking in the sun. #mondayblogs #amwriting

We’re moving from temps in the 80s to temps in the 90s this week. The a/c is running most of the time now. (This morning I turned it on at 1030. Last night I turned it off at 10.) I have plenty to do. I have an essay to write. I have my outline to work on.

But, summer or not, I want to bake. Day before yesterday I made a no-bake cheesecake, but today I baked bread. I made sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bread, and it is delicious. I noticed we are low on cookies and I got out a favorite recipe for peanut butter cookies, but I was out of steam.

I’m having my second cataract surgery this week, only three weeks after the first eye was done. I’m glad to have this over so can once again have my vision back like it used to be (more or less). The first surgery went well, and I expect the second one will as well. I was not 100% for only two days the first time (day of and day after surgery). I try to get everything done ahead of time for things like this.

Let’s do some free writing, shall we? While looking for that cookie recipe I came across a recipe for Latkas (yeast fritters), a dish I helped my young mentee from Turkey make because she was feeling homesick. Prompt: write about a baking experience you had either as the baker or the recipient of baked goods.

Bonus: this week’s photo prompt. linus-nylund-310532