Summer Writing, 2017 #mondayblogs #amwriting

I may have quit Camp NaNoWriMo. First I went back and adjusted my goal to a total of 5,000 words for the month. (I had already completed 5600+.) Then I let my cabin mates know I had done so, and was now focusing on writing a more complete outline.

I revisited the outline, and I will work on it more.

Meanwhile, I returned to my commitment to write an essay a week. I’m currently writing #27 (more than halfway finished), and yesterday marked day one of week #29, so I have two more to write before Sunday in order to catch up.

I’ve never stopped sending out my work. I’ve submitted plays, essays, and pitches so far this month — two plays, two essays, and two pitches. I also submitted an application for another residency.

I’ll be attending Lori L. Lake’s writing workshop at the Oregon Colonyhouse in Oregon in September, Anna March’s writing workshop in Ireland in October, and residing at Sundress Publications’ FireFly Farm in November.

Meanwhile, I will write in whatever format I’m able to write.

What are you working on? What are your plans for Autumn 2017? Please share.

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