2 Reasons to Write All Summer #mondayblogs #amwriting #summer

  1. It’s summer! (Tomorrow it will be official. Summer solstice!)
  2. Writing is good for what ails you. Do your morning pages, write a poem, journal, blow off steam, write a love letter, write what you remember of your dreams. You will feel better if you write. It’s a proven fact. (Google it.)

Here’s a list of word prompts, followed by another photo prompt.

  1. The first time I remember buying an ice cream treat.
  2. That summer when …
  3. The swimming hole.
  4. Swimming lessons.
  5. Fireflies.
  6. The hottest day.
  7. Melting.
  8. Cut-offs.
  9. Freckles.
  10. Picnics or barbecues.


What do you think?

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