June is here. Are you ready for summer? #mondayblogs #amwriting

First, let’s recap May.

Here are the goals I set for last month:

  1. Complete my weekly column for ROAR every week before deadline;
  2. write an essay every week for #52essays2017;
  3. finish my econ article;
  4. have and recover from cataract surgery;
  5. make an 8-day trip to Toronto to visit a friend;
  6. get a permanent crown on an upper molar in Mexico on May 19;
  7. get 30 mins of exercise at least 5 days a week;
  8. always be submitting;
  9. and to finish my rainbow short story.

Second, I completed five of the nine. Kaiser canceled my cataract surgery, so that’s on them. I gave up on the econ article. I did not get enough exercise, and I did not finish the rainbow story.

I received an acceptance of one of my essays (I’ll post the link when it’s live). I worked on the rainbow story, but have lots of work to do. I published an essay on Medium, learned that my full length play Blue Roses will be performed twice on June 30th in Raleigh, NC at the Women’s Theatre Festival, and I had a FABULOUS time in Toronto.

For June, I will continue writing an essay a week; continue submitting work to venues I think my work is a good fit for; finish the story or pull it from the anthology, and complete the readings and evaluations of short plays I’m doing for a playwriting contest.

Do you make goals? Set objectives? Keep track of how you’re doing? I find this keeps me focused. Otherwise, I fear I might devolve into reading magazines and eating bonbons.