Is it Time to Stop Blogging? #mondayblogs #amwriting

For years now we’ve heard how important a blog is to an author’s platform. I’ve faithfully blogged, tweeted, and maintained both a personal and an Author Facebook page. I’ve had my own domain name since the early part of this century, and have maintained a website and other methods of online presence.

Here on this site I’ve written about writing, I’ve written about mysteries and detectives. I’ve approved comments, responded to comments, and have refrained from having this site be only about selling books.

I’ve resisted ads and other ways of profiting from my blog.

I have no idea whether writing this blog contributes to my book sales. I’m sure it hasn’t resulted in my having a play produced, or a book of any type published.

I think most of my readers can find me on Facebook or on my website. The website is the only place I’m sure of readers having found me and contacted me.

So I’m thinking it is time to stop blogging. I’m writing more than ever these days, and I actually need to devote more time to my works in progress.

If I hear a sudden clamoring from all of you, I’ll rethink my decision to quite blogging.

Meanwhile, here’s my website. And you can find me on almost any social media site by keying in dehelen, or Sandra de Helen, or @dehelen.

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3 thoughts on “Is it Time to Stop Blogging? #mondayblogs #amwriting

  1. Blogging is a great exercise for me–it keeps me writing on the days when I don’t work on the work-in-progress. It provides a journal in which I can go back and check my progress, growth (or not), etc. Whether or not it results in sales, it has made me a lot of friends. Strangers often say to me, “I enjoy your blog” or “I know about you from your blog.” Finally, most days I enjoy writing it.

  2. Writing personal letters as a pre-teen, I noticed how much I used “I,” “me” and “my.” Friends did the same. Compare those letters to blogs. Blogs that offer information on topics in which we share an interest can be entertaining or enlightening. Some bloggers, however, are too self-centered. Not I, of course. Perhaps we should consider if a blog serves its readers’ interests or only the author’s.

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