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The Athena Cats put on their first ever New Works Festival this past Saturday. Submissions were anonymous, and one of my plays was chosen. I was honored, and I live close enough to LA that I was able to take Amtrak up and back the same day in order to participate.

This was one of the best performance experiences of my work I have experienced in YEARS. Athena Cats is committed, nay — DEDICATED — to creating more productions of women playwrights. The founders were dismayed when they learned statistics from Dramatists Guild that show about 22% of all productions are by women playwrights. We all know the majority of theatre patrons are women. Shouldn’t at least half the plays be written by women? Um, yes.

There were eleven plays by women, each one directed by a woman, each play with at least 50% of the characters women.

The joint was packed. Completely sold out performances for both shows.

And for me personally? I had one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with in my forty years of being produced. In fact, I asked if she could be my director forever. (Reader, she said yes.) My actors were consummate professionals, both listed on IMDB. Laura Black played Helen, Amy Lee Bullock played Sandra, in my piece A Grave Situation.

How many reasons is that?

  1. Great theatre company.
  2. Great plays
  3. Great director.
  4. Great actors.
  5. And a fabulous time in LA where even the weather was terrific, and the train ran on time.

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