500 reasons I love BinderCon #mondayblogs #amwriting

I won’t list all 500, honest. But all I’d have to do is list the women who were there and what I liked about each of them. Here are a few of those things about all the women there:

  1. Binders are generous.
  2. Binders are welcoming.
  3. Binders are inclusive.
  4. Binders are intelligent.
  5. Binders are supportive.

This is not a fluke. It is by design. I went as a volunteer to BinderCon LA last year. It was my first time. I was impressed by all of the traits listed above. This year, I was one of their scholars, and I saw every single one of these traits again. Women applaud and cheer for other women by the hundreds. Women help each other, make room for each other, and every woman is included. One of my favorite workshops was the one by the Her Story women. Her Story is an Emmy-nominated, GLAAD award-winning web series. The producers, director, and stars of the show did a panel in which they shared everything about the show with us, answering every question anyone had, about process, money, emotions, anything we wanted to know.

If you are not a member of the Facebook group Binders Full of Women, and you want to be, ask me. If you are a woman or non-binary person, ask me and I’ll invite you.