But wait. I don’t know HOW to submit my writing. #mondayblogs #amwriting #womenwhosubmit

Last week I told you about the group Women Who Submit, and the fact I started a chapter of that (free) organization in Southern California.

This week I learned that many women and non-binary people don’t submit their writings because they don’t know how to go about it. When I decided I wanted to write and submit essays and personal articles, I had a long history of submitting plays and poems, so I wasn’t completely in the dark. I knew I had to read the magazines (in print and online) I wanted to submit my work to, I knew I had to keep track of my submissions (my records show I’ve been tracking my submissions in a spreadsheet since 2002).

I didn’t know how much easier it has become to learn about basically everything. The internet is a giant library/resource/support system.

Nevertheless, it’s extremely helpful when someone goes to the trouble to lay it all out for you. The Aerogramme Writers’ Studio did just that in an article from 2014. I hope you find it useful, I certainly did.