Women Who Submit #mondayblogs #amwriting

If you are a woman or non-binary person who writes articles, poetry, essays, and the like for pay, check your area to see if there is a chapter of Women Who Submit. I learned of the group last year in Los Angeles at Binder Con. There are two chapters in LA, but there wasn’t one in the San Diego area, so I decided to start one here in El Cajon. I contacted the main group, was given orientation, and gathered some interested people, and we had our first meeting on February 5th.

At WWS, we spend the first hour socializing, having snacks and conversation, and so on. Then for two hours we peruse literary journals, get online and seek submission opportunities, prepare our writings, and actually submit. We applaud and cheer each other with every submission.

We are also tracking our submissions, acceptances, and rejections. We share opportunities. We suggest possible venues for each other’s work.

Since February 5th, I have submitted nine (9) essays to various publications. I’ve had one acceptance so far. The others are all still pending.

As for the #52essays2017 project, I’m right on time. I’m currently working on essay #13.

How is your own writing going this year?