Great news! Till Darkness Comes available as an audiobook, narrated by Daniela Acitelli #amwriting #audiobook

When I wrote the thriller Till Darkness Comes, I knew I wanted a certain voice to narrate the audiobook. I did some research and found Daniela Acitelli has narrated many books for LGBTQ authors. I then auditioned about 60 voice actors on, and when I heard Daniela, I made an immediate offer.

She’s super busy, always narrating for other authors, but it turns out she has a special love of thrillers! The combination of thriller plus LGBTQ was all it took for her to say yes. We signed the contract and she went to work.

The completed audiobook went up on Audible today and will be available on iTunes as well (if it isn’t already. Audible is quick.)

I’m making this offer: if you are not already a member of Audible, and you choose Till Darkness Comes (or any of my books) as your first book (FREE), and let me know, I’ll also send you a signed copy of whichever paperback of mine you want.