Asia was found. Now I can write. #amwriting #mondayblogs

Last week my cat Asia somehow escaped the house and spent at least one night (more likely two) outdoors on her own. Our property is home to many coyotes, of which every single neighbor reminded my daughter as she searched for her, but also gophers, rats, and bunnies, of which I suspect she had at least one.

Asia used to be quite the hunter in Portland, when she was an outdoor cat who occasionally came in to eat. She’s been an indoor cat since living with me the past 2 1/2 years. I was back in Portland visiting, while my daughter searched for Asia here in San Diego County.

She found her on the property of an empty house. Asia was covered in tiny twigs from some kind of local weed. She was thirsty, but not hungry. She didn’t want to be brushed, she just wanted to sleep. She seems perfectly fine after her big adventure.

And how far away did this rambling cat go? About two city blocks. With so many hiding places in between.

Right now she’s looking out the window. Is she planning another escape? Or being grateful to be indoors, safe from the coyotes?





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