1 Reason not to post today #mondayblogs #amwriting

  1. My cat Asia is missing. She somehow got outside yesterday (we don’t know how) and has not been seen since yesterday morning. She has been an indoor cat since October 2014, never even showing an interest in going out. Since the last time she was outdoors, we moved from Oregon to California, so she’s never been out in this area. I am thinking only of her and how to get her back.
  2. So many people have offered great ideas for how to find a lost pet, I may write about those ideas next week. I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts, and good vibrations.

3 thoughts on “1 Reason not to post today #mondayblogs #amwriting

    • Asia is found and just fine. She went off on an adventure and my daughter found her. See my blog post from the following week. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts!

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