Reasons to review goals monthly #mondayblogs #amwriting

The end of every month is a good time to review your goals and see how you’re doing. The year I made this a monthly practice was the year I became a productive and consistent writer. Acknowledging I had met or worked toward my goals and had pages to show for it allowed me to stop thinking I was “never getting anything done.” Instead, I looked at what I had accomplished. I learned to refine my goals and to break them into steps.

For 2017 my goals are:

  1. Write an essay a week.
  2. Finish first draft of Valley of Fear
  3. Offer online courses to writers
  4. Submit essays, poems, plays
  5. Overthrow the patriarchy (no longer kidding about this. Now actively seeking methods for changing the world.)

I have written four essays in four weeks and I’m working on the fifth one now. I still have more work to do on my website before I can offer the online courses. I am actively submitting work.

This past week I filed an essay for consideration, and it was published two days later.

But another month has passed without my writing a single word on Valley of Fear. How am I going to fit that in? Maybe I’ll dedicate one day a week. Or twenty minutes a day. I know from experience that twenty minutes a day will get the job done eventually. Check in next month and see how far I’ve gotten.

As for Goal # 5, here’s what I think. Every time I write something outside the norm, every time I resist greed  (I now recycle every catalogue that comes in the mail), every time I publish my words, every time I take a direct action in support of freedom and equality, I am taking steps to overthrow the patriarchy.