How are we doing on our goals? #mondayblogs #amwriting #52essays2017

Seriously, how are you doing on your 2017 goals? Leave comments to share.

Here’s where I am on mine: I’ve written the first two essays of the #52essays2017. Special shout out to Vanessa Matir for creating this challenge after successfully challenging herself last year. Watch her video to learn more.

I’ve completed two assignments for ROAR Feminist Magazine which launches later this week, for whom I’ll be writing a weekly feature for the next six months.

I have submitted poems, plays, and essays already this year.

I have not yet written another word on Valley of Fear, that’s next.

I’ve received approval to write a play about Audre Lord this year for the 365 women a year playwriting project.

I haven’t offered my online course yet after the beta testing because I ran into a glitch on my website that I haven’t yet solved. Soon, I hope!

I’ve done some knitting (a hat, a scarf, some work to complete a sweater, and work on another hat) which resulted in my getting a repetitive stress injury on my right hand. This never happened when I was younger! Now I’m working to heal the hand. Sigh.

I’ve done some baking, and I made a brand-new-to-me soup (curried potato and lentil) after making my own curry spice mix. #adventuresinliving

We’re halfway through January. How are you doing? It’s never too late to set goals.


One thought on “How are we doing on our goals? #mondayblogs #amwriting #52essays2017

  1. I basically ignored my writing goals for the first week of 2017 but I’m slowly plugging away– I have a 130k first draft to revise by the third week of April. Obviously reading blogs in bed while eating greek yogurt is helping me accomplish this. Ha.

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