4 Reasons to love your writing colleagues #mondayblogs #amwriting

Before the world-wide web, I floated free in the literary universe, with barely an attachment to people, places, or things to help me find my way.

The old idea of the writer alone with a bottle of scotch, a pack of cigarettes, sleeves rolled up, sitting in front of a typewriter staring at a blank piece of paper is giving way to the writer who stares at her computer, knowing she has an entire stadium full of people willing to share resources, beta read her work, answer the zillions of questions that pop up as she writes, then rewrites, publishes, and markets her work.

This weekend I responded to 55 readers/potential reviewers via email with copies in various formats who had requested Till Darkness Comes. One of those readers led me to BookFunnel, which is a method of putting your books in the hands of reviewers/readers who request your work.

The 55 requesters came to me via Authors Cross Promotion website, where I posted my book, looking for people who might want to read and review my book.

Every resource I find online, I find because one of my author friends points the way, just as I’m now pointing it out to you. I love this colleague connection for the following reasons:

  1. I’m not alone.
  2. I can serve others.
  3. I don’t have to smoke or drink to find fellowship.
  4. My books find readers and reviewers.

Here’s one of the reviews that resulted from my weekend’s work. It’s from one of Amazon’s Top Reviewers, Tammy Windsor.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for sharing my journey. Have you chosen your word for 2017 yet?