2 Reasons I love goal setting #mondayblogs #amwriting #2017 #poweredbyindie

Happy New Year! This is the time we look back on the past year and assess or reflect on how it went. Not only for the country and the world, but for ourselves personally.

It’s also the time we traditionally make resolutions for the new year. I’ve made them for most of my life. The past several years I’ve done two things instead: one, I’ve chosen a word for the year to guide me in my writing, and two, I’ve set out writing goals that feel do-able.

I had a friend who once said she figured she had about ten years left to live, and she felt it was time to get serious about her writing. She did get serious. She also died ten years later from breast cancer that metastasized.

I’ve been serious about my writing for the past twenty-nine years. But now I have goals, and I work hard to meet them every year. In 2016 I edited and rewrote  a thriller I started in November 2012. It was published November 2016. I wrote three plays, and I had two play readings. I posted to this blog almost every week. I wrote poems. I submitted my work regularly. I had poems published in The Dandelion Review and the Australian Medical Journal. I love setting goals because it helps me stay on track, and allows me to see what I’ve accomplished.

For 2017 my goals are:

  1. Write an essay a week.
  2. Finish first draft of Valley of Fear
  3. Offer online courses to writers
  4. Submit essays, poems, plays
  5. Overthrow the patriarchy (just checking to see whether you’re still reading)

My word for 2017 is Submit. Submit to my desire and need to write. Submit my work for publication.

How about you? Did you set goals? Make resolutions? Do you choose a word for the year? Do you look back to see what you’ve accomplished?



2 thoughts on “2 Reasons I love goal setting #mondayblogs #amwriting #2017 #poweredbyindie

  1. I like how you were able to make “submit” work for you in more than one way! Also, yes to #4 – haha!

    After much agonizing, my word for the year is “pruning” because I want to be very careful with my energy this year. I don’t want to be so scattershot and try to do everything. I want to scale back, yet achieve more like a well-pruned rose bush.

    ~Tui aka @TuiSnider on Twitter dropping by via #MondayBlogs TuiSnider.com

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