3 Reasons I love Book Giveaways #mondayblogs #books

What’s not to love? You’re a reader, obvs. You’re here. And this time of year produces a ton of book giveaways. My books are being given away at Women and Words in their annual holiday hootenanny. They are giving away many books over many days. I mean a TON of books. All you have to do is leave a comment and you are entered to win.

I give books away, and I enter giveaways where my books are not featured. For instance, I just won a book from Nancy Bilyeau’s website. That giveaway is over, but check all your favorite authors, or google book giveaways in your favorite genres. Or go to Goodreads where books are always being given away.

Here’s why I love giveaways so much:

  1. Free books! Ha ha, did you think I had something brilliant to add? I read my free book and if I don’t have room for it on my shelf, I pass it on to another reader.
  2. When my own books are being given away, I have an opportunity to engage a new reader. I might even get a review, make a sale. But best of all, my books are going out into the world, where they belong.
  3. Who knows what I might find on the website giving away free books? It’s an adventure!

#BONUS: I have a buy one get one free offer up on my Facebook Author page. Check it out. I’m running the offer through the 21st or 21 books given away, whichever comes first.