3 Reasons I love Editors #mondayblogs #amwriting #onlinecourse

I’ll be launching an online course on editing your own work next month. In fact, the course is going out this week to ten beta testers to help me work out any kinks in the program. Doing a course on editing does not mean I don’t want to hire editors. On the contrary! I hope to encourage more people to hire editors. But we need to clean up our manuscripts to the best of our ability in order to get the most from the editors we hire.

There are different types of editors, and editors who can do different kinds of editing. My course focuses on copy-editing, which means omitting as many typographical and grammatical errors as you can before you send your manuscript to an editor.

Articles, essays, novels, short stories, plays, chapbooks, non-fiction books — all benefit from good editing.

Here are some reasons to hire a professional editor, and why I love them:

  1. They are not you. They read your work with a critical eye and point out things that need changing.
  2. They are not trying to change you. They are trying to help you to create your best work.
  3. Whatever you pay them, it will be worth it. The cleaner your copy, the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for: a sale, readers, an agent, pride in your work.