10 Plays by Women #mondayblogs #amwriting

This is the third year I have written a short play for the 365 Women a Year Playwriting Project. The first year I wrote about Marilyn Monroe and Angela Davis. Last year I wrote about Ella Baker, civil rights activist, and today I finished a play about Pearl Bailey called Pearlie Mae.

Of course, that made me think about plays by women, and how thrilling it is for me to see them. I try to see and/or read as many as I can. When I lived in Portland, I saw a lot more plays. I’ve seen hardly any since I moved to San Diego, but I still see as many as possible.

Here are some plays by women I recommend. In case you get to see a live play, or are looking for recommendations for plays to read.

  1. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. I believe it is touring now, so maybe I’ll get to see it next year. I’ve read it. I love it.
  2. Alice in Black & White by Robin Rice. Rave reviews in NYC, even in the New York Times. Robin is a friend of mine and I wish her success would rub off on me. Ha. She seriously gets the best reviews. That is because her work is stellar. Go see anything she writes.
  3. Anything by Tanya Barfield.
  4. Sarah Ruhl’s work is amazing.
  5. Dael Orlandersmith’s Yellowman
  6. Suzan Lori-Park’s TopDog Under Dog (or anything, really)
  7. ‘Night Mother by Marsha Norman is haunting and eviscerating.
  8. Wit by Margaret Edson is brilliant and will gut you.
  9. Made to Dance in Burning Buildings by Anya Pearson. There are scenes in this work I can’t get out of my head. Brilliant.
  10. D’Arcy by Sandra Dempsey. I recently re-read this. If you get a chance to see award-winning Canadian author Dempsey read this work, do not miss it.