10 Reasons to visit France #mondayblogs #amwriting

  1. Take a writing workshop with Anna March. The one I’m just back from included chef Craig Clifton, some cooking classes, and LOADS of great writing teaching from Anna March herself. And it took place in Julia Child’s house.
  2. France has the best food I’ve ever eaten. Every single meal out was incredible, and I did not frequent expensive restaurants.
  3. France produces the best cheese.
  4. The farmer’s markets in Aix-en-Provence are overflowing with fruit, berries, cheese, bread, honey, lavender, herb-de-provence, and other things — everything I bought was delicious.
  5. The scenery!
  6. The trains!
  7. The weather in late October and early November was sunny, warm, and almost always rain-free.
  8. Culture. Art, music, literature. So many museums.
  9. History. This place is old, with old architecture, old buildings, old ruins.
  10. Bonus: I saw James Baldwin’s house, which will hopefully be restored versus knocked down for a hotel.