5 Reasons to love Bones Detective Temperance Brennan #mondayblogs #detectives

I’m newly a fan of Kathy Reichs and her Temperance Brennan books. I tried to watch the TV show Bones, but it didn’t pull me in. I started to read a Kathy Reichs book once, and when I saw it was related to the TV show, I put it down. My daughter urged me to try again a couple of months ago, and this time I couldn’t put it down. Here’s why:

  1. Temperance Brennan of the books is a mature woman with a grown daughter.
  2. She has a sister named Harry who is a major player in her life.
  3. She has a messy love life, but it doesn’t interfere with her ability to solve mysteries.
  4. The book I’m reading now (my second, but the tenth in the Bones series of which there are sixteen and counting) contains a lot of French, which I love.
  5. Kathy Reichs herself holds down the jobs that her character Temperance Brennan does in the books: forensic anthropologist for the Offices of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratorie de Sciences Judiciaires et de M-decine L-gale for the province of Quebec. She is also a professor, and a frequent expert witness.

BTW, my own detective, Shirley Combs is asexual. Not that sexuality has anything to do with a person’s ability, but I’m wondering — do you know of other asexual fictional detectives?

Photo credit: faster panda kill kill via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC


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