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As I plan to offer an online course soon, I am taking extra courses myself. I’ve been an online course user since the late 80’s when I completed my university degree online. I had attended the University of Missouri-Rolla and completed all my course work through the junior year when I had to leave to get a job to support my family. Then I moved to Oregon.

When I decided to finish my degree, the Oregon universities didn’t want to accept all that work (and I had a 3.9 average in my major, 3.5 overall) and give me credit for it. I looked into online. What I found (and chose) was Western Illinois University. They accepted the credits I had accumulated, and offered the course work online that I needed for my degree.

It was not easy. There was no worldwide web yet, only email. So no webinars, no chatting with other students, no virtual office hours with the instructors. But I got it done, got my degree, and became a fan of online courses as well as an early adaptor.

Recently I’ve completed online courses in Book Marketing, Book Revision, Scrivener, How to Create an Online Course, a Master Class with Aaron Sorkin, and this week I’m doing yet another one on Course Creation as well as one on Pitching and Selling one’s writing. I am also using DuoLingo to learn a bit of French before my trip this fall.

I plan to offer a course on how to rid your writing of typos. If you have questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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