3 Ways to celebrate Labor Day #mondayblogs

Today is the annual day of tribute to our country’s workers. The labor movement created this holiday, lest we forget that once there were no unions, no wage and labor laws, no OSHA for safety regulations, no worker’s compensation for injuries and deaths on the job. I am the daughter of a woman who worked in factories all her life. I joined her and her co-workers when they went on strike one long summer when I was twelve. Mom became president of her union local and held that office for twenty-two years before she retired. I am retired from the workforce now myself. I write every day, but no one tells me when, how much, or focuses on their (vs. my) bottom-line.

How do I celebrate Labor Day?

  1. Make a point of remembering what this day actually means. It’s not a barbecue day, it’s a day to pay tribute.
  2. Take some time off from whatever I’m engaged in to be grateful for all the workers who contributed to my life.
  3. Remember all those workers around the world who are still struggling to obtain the rights I enjoy here in the US.

p.s. The picture of me as a working redbird is by artist Cher Thoming.



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