17 Ways to rid your work of typos #mondayblogs #amwriting

I just finished rewriting my thriller, and have now completed my first pass at copy-editing. Here are some ways you can rid your work of typos:

  1. First, do the spelling and grammar check and fix everything that pops up.
  2. Read your manuscript aloud from front to back. Read it yourself. Out loud.
  3. Fix those errors. There will be some.
  4. Enlist a few people to beta read your work. They will point out typos, factual errors (what? You don’t make them? Okay.), timeline snafus, characters whose eyes change color, etc.
  5. Make all those changes and corrections.
  6. Send your work to your hired copy-editor.
  7. Fix the errors she points out.
  8. Read your work aloud from back to front one page at a time. This way you do not get caught up in the story, you are simply reading aloud to find things that need changing.
  9. Make those changes.
  10. Send the manuscript back to your copy-editor for a second pass.
  11. If she finds anything that still needs fixing, fix it.
  12. If you’re self-publishing, the next step is to send your manuscript out for formatting.
  13. Read the formatted book, looking for anything you may have missed. Like a mistake in the dedication or acknowledgements, or front matter. Make sure the title and your name are correct on the inner pages. (Top left and top right.)
  14. Make any necessary changes.
  15. Send back to the formatter to make the corrections.
  16. When it is returned, make one more pass and hope you’re ready to print.
  17. Get a proof copy of the finished book, and actually proof it before you publish.

There still may be errors. Typos happen. But hey! Your book is now in print! If you’re lucky, your readers will point out any mistakes they find.


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