4 reasons I love rewriting #mondayblogs #writing

  1. All writing is rewriting. That’s what John Green said. But Ernest Hemingway said it first as “the only kind of writing is rewriting.”
  2. Rewriting is where you find the truth of the thing. First you write your shitty first draft (thanks Anne LaMott), and then you rewrite and make it into its true self.
  3. When all you have is a draft, you know you have the real work ahead of you.
  4. When rewriting is finished, you have the thing!

Today I finished the rewrite of Till Darkness Comes. I started on June 25th, and I finished today. Tomorrow I will begin copy editing. I have added 15,000 new words to this book, and have rewritten every chapter to incorporate the new work. I hope to have the new ms to the publisher by August 15th.