3 more reasons I love Aaron Sorkin #mondayblogs #writing

  1.  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Remember last week how I said this was the one TV show of Aaron Sorkin’s I hadn’t seen? I had looked on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. I finally found it (for free!) on youtube. Then in three days, I watched all 22 episodes. I think it failed because it came out the same time or around the same time as 30 Rock. I love Tina Fey, I’m a huge fan. And I’m so happy for her she had a big hit with 30 Rock, but I don’t know why these two shows couldn’t have run at the same time. They’re not alike. And frankly, Studio 60 is the better of the two. Better written, better direction, better acting. Every episode is a story well told. If you haven’t seen it, and you’re a fan of West Wing, or any of Sorkin’s works, go watch it.
  2. Every day I watch at least one of the lessons with Aaron Sorkin online in his master class. I think I expected him to talk about formatting or something mundane. No, he talks story, characters, research, audience. I learn something every day.
  3. He has provided a workbook to supplement the class, he includes exercises one can do or not. There is also discussion with one’s classmates, though I haven’t found this as useful as I’d hoped. Yet. There’s still time.

I look forward to whatever future projects Aaron Sorkin does, regardless of the medium.


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