2 or 3 things I know #mondayblogs #blacklivesmatter #bechdel

  1. Evolution or revolution. One or both of these things has to happen. If it’s evolution, please may we all experience enlightenment now? If it’s revolution, please may it be non-violent?
  2. Alison Bechdel made a test for movies (and other stuff, I’m guessing): if there are women in the movie, they need to have a scene or scenes where two or more women talk about something other than men or relationships.
  3. Every movie, every play, and every novel should be required to pass the Bechdel test or it doesn’t get made, produced, or published. The end.

I’m sick to death of people of color being killed by our police. And killing police is not the answer. Retraining, rethinking, reshaping, those are some answers. In Canada, the police is not the police FORCE, they are the police services. In the US, the police have become so militarized that when Dallas was attacked, the police used a robot bomb to kill the shooter. Let’s not kill the police. Let’s also not use robot bombs to kill people.

I’m also fed up with Oscar-nominated movies not being able to pass the Bechdel test. I recently watched both Spotlight and Trumbo — movies I wanted to see because of their stories, and great acting. Well, you know what? Both would have been much improved if they’d had a few scenes of women talking about something other than men and/or relationships. Look around you: this world is more than fifty percent female. Women were present in both of the true stories on which those two movies were based. So, duh. Where were they? Not represented, that’s where.

You may think these two topics are not related. They are. We all want to be represented. We all want to live and be happy. People who are not represented are not valued as much as the people who are.

Yes, we all matter. All our lives matter. But until society values all lives, we need to pay attention. We need to fix things so we are all valued. It’s doable. We need to do it.

p.s. Lesbians on the Loose, Crime Writers on the Lam won the Goldie at the Golden Crown Literary Society conference this week. I have a mystery story in this fantastic anthology edited by Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler.