Turning a mistake into an opportunity #mondayblogs #amwriting

Last week I had a book release date, and a book launch of my new thriller Till Darkness Comes.

Oops. Ingram released the paperback on June 15th, but Amazon didn’t get it. I began with email inquiries at 7am, escalated to telephone calls by noon. I learned Ingram didn’t have a copy of a signed contract between my publisher and amazon digital. Took care of that and went on with the book launch.

After the reading (which went well, sold books), I realized I wasn’t as happy with my book as I wanted to be. If only I hadn’t had the book launch date, I would have spent more time on the manuscript. I had focused on getting the typos out, the formatting right, instead of taking all the time I needed and wanted to get the pacing right.

The snafu became an opportunity. I pulled the book from distribution, and now I am rewriting it to make it more what I want it to be.

What would you do?